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Homemade masks for litsa. Krome of good nutrition and moisturizing capacity for the facial skin is the use of different nutritious masks, homemade facial skin surface usloviyah.S pitalnye substance is absorbed into the facial skin. They improve complexion, prevent the appearance of wrinkles or polish out skin wrinkles have appeared. About masks are not inferior to the most expensive creams. Here are approximately recipes for nutritious home facial masks: A teaspoonful of oatmeal soaked for 20-Thirty minutes. Add to half a teaspoonful of olive oil, put on the face for 20 minutes, water-washed comfortably with h2o. Roll oats have a pronounced capacity of cleaning, and olive butter softens the skin. Teaspoonful colorless henna pour a some warm water to make a mass consistency of thick serum, allowed to stand for 15 minutes, throw in a few drops of lemon nectar and put on skin for Fifteen minutes and bath off with h2o. Henna nourishes and cleanses, and lemon juice bleaches the skin. Pound fresh strawberries, put on the skin for 15-20 minutes and bath off with water. Vitamins in strawberries nourish the skin, improve blood supply of the skin cells. Fresh ground cucumber rubbed on a grater and the mass is put on the face. Cucumber Facial Mask nourishes the skin face and cucumbers have a slight bleaching capacity.

Face Cover for oily and combination skin

purifying Facial Mask of sour milk

This Facial Mask helps to get rid of dead cells of the facial skin. To do this you need to mix ryazhenka – 200 ml with sodium chloride – 1 tbsp. Spoonful and massage to put a cover on the facial skin and then rinse it with cool water. Use this mask should be one to two minutes a day.

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